( Pre Order 7天 ) LXMI  -  PURE NILOTICA MELT 純尼羅卡丁堅果軟膏 (新包裝)

( Pre Order 7天 ) LXMI - PURE NILOTICA MELT 純尼羅卡丁堅果軟膏 (新包裝)

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Ultra-Hydrating Facial Balm to Transform Dry, Damaged Skin

As a 100% organic, single-ingredient skin savior, this luxurious balm-to-oil deeply nourishes thirsty skin to help smooth visible imperfections. The texture starts as a silky butter, and then absorbs quickly into skin. The micro-crystals found in the Pure Nilotica Melt will dissolve on your skin, and prove that the nuts were cold-pressed in temperate Uganda v. refrigerated lab conditions. You can use as an overnight mask or throughout the day where needed.

獲得USDA ORGANIC有機認證的 LXMI滋潤精華由100%純天然獨家的尼羅卡丁堅果油(Nilotica Reserve ™) 製造。 透過掌心溫度可令精華轉化成油,軟化肌膚同時增添光澤、紓緩因環境刺激而引起的皮膚敏感症狀;精華更可作睡眠面膜用,於睡眠間為肌膚補充水分。

尼羅卡丁堅果油比傳統的乳木果油蘊含多 25% 必要氨基酸,令膚色更顯健康亮澤。