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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Solution 125ml

Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Solution 125ml
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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Solution 125ml
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[High concentration of idebenone (including 5000 ppm)] - [Gold power of high antioxidant]

Improve wrinkles, brighten, moisturize and enhance skin elasticity

Deeply nourishes the skin, replenishes the skin's nutrients, and revitalizes the skin cells

Provide adequate nutrition to the skin after a tired day

Care for skin to prevent aging, make dry skin smooth, young

Reversing the age of the muscle

 Main ingredients:

High concentration of idebenone: a potent anti-oxidant active ingredient, an antioxidant substance that effectively prevents skin aging, has vitamin C x 4 times and Q10 x 10 times anti-oxidation, and the effect of spreading Botox

Galactose ingredient: It has rich moisturizing ability and has a significant effect on improving skin elasticity and exfoliating layer.

Gives skin nutrition while maintaining antioxidant and skin health

Gives skin a long-lasting moisturizing and moisturizing effect

Hyaluronic acid: the water and nutrients needed to promote skin absorption

Soybean, bergamot: promotes the regeneration of healthy cells

first time using:

Step 1: When using for the first time, rotate the middle part in the direction of the arrow.

Step 2: Shake well for about 20 times to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 3: After cleaning, take a proper amount of product and apply it evenly on the skin.

Suggested use:

Use after cleansing the face and toning

Morning-night use every day

Recommended for use with the Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning series