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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Eye Cream 30ml

Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Eye Cream 30ml
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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Eye Cream 30ml
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  • Brand: Ultra V
  • Dimensions: 6.60cm x 5.00cm x 6.60cm
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[High concentration of idebenone] - Very high antioxidant effect.

[very high anti-oxidation beauty brand]

Helps improve dark circles and edema

Improve blood circulation

Helps smooth out fine lines on the eyes and smooth out the traces of the years

Eye cream contains superior active ingredients to nourish the skin of the eye

Ingredients do not cause discomfort, suitable for all skin types

Main ingredients:

Ideben: a potent antioxidant active ingredient

Centella asiatica extract: has the effect of collagen regeneration, strengthening blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, etc.

Angelica extract: helps accelerate blood circulation, metabolism

Soluble Collagen: Vitamin K: Effectively nourishes eye area and reduces edema

Grape Seed Oil: Helps moisturize and moisturize eye area

 Suggested use:

Use after cleansing the face and toning

Morning-night use every day

Use the around the eyes and gently massage the fingertips for deep penetration of nutrients.

  - Recommended for use with the Ultra VIdebenone Age Returning series