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Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask (5 pcs)

Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask (5 pcs)
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Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask (5 pcs)
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  • Brand: Ultra V
  • Dimensions: 12.60cm x 2.50cm x 16.80cm
  • SKU: 8809422606386


【Moisturizing and promoting skin elasticity】
- Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask containing more functional bonded essence, moisturizing skin, improve skin elasticity, brighten, complementary nutrients and  whitening skin
- No chemical added ingredients, make your skin becomes moist dull white, long-lasting moisture while soothing sedative effect, therefore, sensitive skin also can be apply in combination

2 major components:
(1) Idebenone - effectively preventing skin aging antioxidant, vitamin C x 4 times with Q10 x 10 times and antioxidant, and the smear effect of botulinum
(2) 3GF-Complex - EGF, FGF and IGF, 3GF-Complex can effectively repair damaged cells, reach the effect of skin regeneration through cell migration, promote cell decomposition, regenerate cells, relieve wounds, Prevents inflammation and regenerates skin