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Laneige White Dew Special Duo Set

Laneige White Dew Special Duo Set
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Laneige White Dew Special Duo Set
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Moisture Whitening “White Dew” Line contains Saururus chinensis Extract, a patented whitening ingredient

1. Strong Whitening
The synergy of patented Saururus chinensis Extract and new whitening technology improves dark spots and uneven skin tone

2. Moisture Whitening with Phyto Sugar Water
The glycocomponent of Phyto Sugar Water makes skin moisturized and bright

3. Mild Whitening
Gently whitens skin with plant-derived extract

Set includes: 
1. White Dew Skin Refiner 120ml 
2.White Dew Emulsion 100ml 
3.White Dew Skin Refiner 15ml
4.White Dew Emulsion 15ml
5.White Dew Original Ampoule Essence 7ml