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AHC Superior Black Cavia Skin Care Set

AHC Superior Black Cavia Skin Care Set
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AHC Superior Black Cavia Skin Care Set
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  • Brand: AHC
  • Dimensions: 19.20cm x 19.70cm x 4.40cm
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Product Overview:

The set includes Superior Black Caviar Toner and Emulsion, contains rare black caviar essence, reverses the traces of the aging, effectively anti-wrinkle, firm skin, increase vitality and elasticity!

1. Superior Black Caviar Toner (140ml+25ml) 
     [A refreshing and easy to absorb toner, rich in black caviar extract, quickly penetrates into the

     underlying skin, improves wrinkles and revitalizes shine.]
Product Features:
-    Efficient moisturizing: Rich in hyaluronic acid, providing instant and efficient moisturizing effect,

     moisture instantly penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, leaving the skin away from

     dryness troubles.
-    Firming anti-wrinkle: Contains caviar extract, lavender water, baobab seed extract, effective

      anti-wrinkle firming.
-    Rejuvenate youth: Contains hydrolyzed collagen to increase elasticity and give skin a youthful


2.  Superior Black Caviar Emulsion (140ml+25ml) 
     [The texture is refreshing, easy to absorb, intensively nourishes the skin, infuses moisture, and

     replenish collagen to ease sensitivity. ]
Product Features:
-    Moisturizing: Rch in hyaluronic acid, high-efficiency hydration, so you feel moist at all times.
-    Bouncy: Contains hydrolyzed collagen, shea butter essence and other ingredients to make

     the skin full and elastic.
-    Soothing: Adding niacinamide, adenosine and geranium oil, rose oil and other plant parts

      to improve skin texture and protect skin with the power of nature.

How to Use: 

Superior Black Caviar Toner After cleansing, apply a proper amount onto a cotton pad or palm and spread evenly on the face. 

Superior Black Caviar Emulsion After cleansing and toning, apply proper amount on face.