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Pola B.A THE LIQUID 20ml*12pcs
-71 %
Brand: POLA
DescriptionAnti-glycation oral solution is a popular product of POLA and is popular in Japan and other regions. Oral liquid repairs your skin from the inside out, completely removes metabolic saccharification substances, improves cell metabolism, moisturizes, firmes, whitens, anti-glycation, anti-ox..
POLA White Shot Cxs Facial Serum 25ml POLA White Shot Cxs Facial Serum 25ml
-27 %
Brand: POLA
Description: Pola White Shot CXS Facial Serum has the following features: Formulated with different active brightening ingredients and beauty essences including Rucinol® EX, SC Liquid, YAC and m-A Clear Essence, it blocks the formulation of melanin and significantly brightens your skin. Features CXS..
POLA White Shot Serum Sxs 20G POLA White Shot Serum Sxs 20G
-26 %
Brand: POLA
Spot Use Cream A powerful way to improve dark and subborn pigmentation Spot Brightening Apply a small pearl size for approximately 2cm diameter pigmentation Fragrance free. Allergy tested. Available in regular size 20g or junior size 10g..
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