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Ultra V

Ultra V (DDK) Aqua Shine Mist 100ml
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Brand: Ultra V
Description【Moisturizing  + calming +  whitening + nutrition supplement 4 in 1, the new standard water spray】 - make-up water replenishment spray- A potent moisturizing ingredients, protective outer layer of skin, preventing moisture loss, from the inside out real antioxidant, significant ..
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Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask (5 pcs)
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Brand: Ultra V
Description【Moisturizing and promoting skin elasticity】- Ultra V Aqua Shine Mask containing more functional bonded essence, moisturizing skin, improve skin elasticity, brighten, complementary nutrients and  whitening skin- No chemical added ingredients, make your skin becomes moist dull white, ..
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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Cream 50ml
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Brand: Ultra V
Description[Rewrite Time Repair Cream] Upgraded Anti-Aging Cream[High concentration of idebenone (500ppm)] - Extremely high antioxidantAn effective anti-aging cream that deeply nourishes the skin and brings a lot of nutrientsRejuvenate the skin's natural moisturizing mask to help the skin not l..
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Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Solution + Skin Essence125ml
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Brand: Ultra V
Ultra V Idebenone Age Returning Skin Essence 125mlDescription[High concentration of idebenone (including 5000 ppm)] - [Gold power of high antioxidant]Improve wrinkles, brighten, moisturize and enhance skin elasticityDeeply nourishes the skin, replenishes the skin's nutrients, and revitalizes the sk..
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Ultra V Idebenone Ampoule (4 Bottles) Ultra V Idebenone Ampoule (4 Bottles)
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Brand: Ultra V
Description 【Multi-functions to enhance skin】 - Qualified by KFDA:  With water, anti-oxidation, improve wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing, enhance skin elasticity - Deeply nourish the skin and provide the necessary nutrients  Ingredients 2 major components: (1.) Aildrobenzene - an an..
$199.0 $399.0
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