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Sesderma Atopises Body Milk 400ml Sesderma Atopises Body Milk 400ml
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Brand: Sesderma
Moisturizes and brightens your body with SESDERMA ATOPISES Body Milk. Containing nicotinamide, glycyrrhetinic acid, boswellic acid, ceramide and tranexamic acid, it can effectively increase the skin's moisture, repair the skin barrier, and at the same time dilute melanin and brighten the complexi..
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CBIC Deonatulle Deosorant
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Product Overview Deonatulle Soft Stone Deodorant stick is the number one best selling Deodorant in Japan. With a mint fragrance, it can inhibit sweat and keep the underarm area dry, clean and comfortable to enhance and restore self-confidence. Solid rotary ointment in absence of water is able to he..
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Clarins  Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel 50ml
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Brand: Clarins
Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is essential to any woman's body-care collection. This non oily gel contains special plant extracts that reinforces the collagen network of the bust and restores elasticity and firmness. The gel's energising formula contains oat sugars which aim to create an invisi..
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Clarins Travel Exclusive Body Grab&Fly Kit5Pcs
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Brand: Clarins
Description Product description: Helps restore the smoothness, firmness and radiance of young-looking skin How to Use: 。Apply plenty to the body daily or needed Precautions: 。 This product is a parallel imported product 。 If you feel unwell, seek medical advice as soon as possible 。Avoid..
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