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Sesderma Atopises Body Milk 400ml Sesderma Atopises Body Milk 400ml
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Brand: Sesderma
Moisturizes and brightens your body with SESDERMA ATOPISES Body Milk. Containing nicotinamide, glycyrrhetinic acid, boswellic acid, ceramide and tranexamic acid, it can effectively increase the skin's moisture, repair the skin barrier, and at the same time dilute melanin and brighten the complexi..
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Brand: Biotyspa
適合人士:任何想要擺脫脂肪團(主要是女性),減少脂肪細胞,促進身體排水和排毒的人。用法:將1 茶包放入熱水中泡5-7 分鐘。也可以作凍飲。每日飲用2 至3 杯,配合Active Slim 活性纖體油和減脂修身杯,達至最快最佳效果。用家需注意的事項:• 不建議孕婦或哺乳期婦女飲用。產品特性(Feature):• 100%天然有機• 活性瘦身茶配方中含有利尿和解毒功效的成分,具有排泄和脂肪分解的特性,也有助於控制/減少食慾,且具排毒功效、有抗炎、利尿和抗氧化作用。• 味道:一種甜美的水果飲料,可作凍飲產品優點(Advantage):• 【品牌方面】•  Biotyspa 是唯一..
Biotyspa Starter Kit Biotyspa Starter Kit
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Brand: Biotyspa
Starter Kit included1 X Slimming Tea1 X Slimming Oil1 X Slimming CupSlimming Tea :適合人士:任何想要擺脫脂肪團(主要是女性),減少脂肪細胞,促進身體排水和排毒的人。用法:將1 茶包放入熱水中泡5-7 分鐘。也可以作凍飲。每日飲用2 至3 杯,配合Active Slim 活性纖體油和減脂修身杯,達至最快最佳效果。Slimming Oil :適合人士:任何想要減少橙皮組織外觀(主要是女性),緊緻和調理皮膚,減少大腿,臀部,腹部,內臂和腿部等部位脂肪細胞的人。用法:早晚塗抹油,大力按摩至吸收。見議定期幫皮膚去角質,特別..
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CBIC Deonatulle Deosorant
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Product Overview Deonatulle Soft Stone Deodorant stick is the number one best selling Deodorant in Japan. With a mint fragrance, it can inhibit sweat and keep the underarm area dry, clean and comfortable to enhance and restore self-confidence. Solid rotary ointment in absence of water is able to he..
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Clarins  Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel 50ml
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Brand: Clarins
Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is essential to any woman's body-care collection. This non oily gel contains special plant extracts that reinforces the collagen network of the bust and restores elasticity and firmness. The gel's energising formula contains oat sugars which aim to create an invisi..
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ELIXIR - Moisturizing sunscreen lotion SPF50 + PA ++++ 35ml
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Brand: Shiseido
Beauty lotion with sun protection, isolation, emulsion triple function, smooth and moisturizingSPF 30 PA +++Enriched with nourishing ingredients to resist fine lines, moisturizing the skin from morning to evening.The special EIGINK-X ingredients work together to restore skin elasticity...
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
An oil free volumiser and texturizer to produce bigger, thicker hair. Helps hold your style whether it is curled or blown out. Contains certified organic lavender.HOW TO USEApply ANTI.GRAVITY to damp hair before styling...
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
Light flexible hairspray that adds shine and hold to create dishevelled texture and a "lived-in" look. Ideal for all hair types.HOW TO USEApply to dry hair as a finishing spray for all-over body and bounce...
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
Leave-in plumping treatment instantly delivers the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.HOW TO USESpray BODY.MASS evenly throughout damp or towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots and scalp. Do not rinse, dry and style as usual...
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
Frizz control and curl enhancer in a weightless absorbing lotion for a sexy look and feel. Can be used to finish your style and define curls. Protect hair from UV damage.HOW TO USEApply MOTION.LOTION to damp hair to define curls in long or fine hair. Scrunch into the ends and mid lengths, and twirl ..
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
Densifying conditioner nourishes and restores for thicker, stronger hair. HOW TO USEApply to freshly washed hair and allow the hair to absorb the benefits for 1-2 minutes, follow with a refreshing rinse. Can be used daily, and as part of our THICKENING regimen. For optimal plumping results, use..
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